A long-overdue website redesign. My overall goal is to combine personal academic website (papers, projects, CV, etc) along with a platform for quick blog-like entries (perhaps later adding disqus integration, share buttons etc).

Currently, pull data from figshare for results. Eventually I'd like to automatically pull data from other sources (eg github).


  • templated (jinja2) index to pull from results (papers, preprints), themes (overall project categories) and notes (blog-like)
  • will add projects (work in progress, github repos, project descriptions) as top-level category soon
  • these categories are repeated on top nav
  • rotating banner image with some shots from old website

Engine + hosting

  • Pelican engine for a static site to generate results, projects, notes from markdown
  • hosting on github


  • bootstrap, using bootswatch yeti via pelican-bootstrap3
  • very light additional css (eg padding elements)
  • customizations to pelican-bootstrap3 include rotating banner bar (via javascript in base template), limiting sidebar display to blog-like (called notes here) entries, and adding neighbor arrows to blog posts