in musing / California history on Mon 25 July 2011

The plain is unhealthy and infested with mosquitos in incredible numbers and of unparalleled ferocity --- William Brewer, 1861

in musing / economy / finance on Thu 14 January 2010

We help companies to grow by helping them to raise capital... Companies that grow create wealth. This, in turn, allows people to have jobs that create more growth and more wealth. It's a virtuous cycle. We have a social purpose. --- Lloyd Blankfein

Ed Abbey wrote that Blankfein's virtuous ...

in musing / science / public / climate on Fri 04 December 2009

A brand new "-gate" on the climate science front has me thinking about the relationship between science and the public. A big issue in communicating science stems from the fundamental disconnect between science as practiced and science as taught in introductory formats, e.g. in high school.

Most people learn ...

in musing / science / models / philosophy on Tue 10 November 2009

Quoting Turchin (1998) quoting Hull (1988) quoting Bacon (?) :

In science it is better to be wrong than confused.

The point is, though a mathematical model that purports to repesent reality will be wrong, one with clear definitions and assumptions can be helpful. Mathematical modeling is a tool to move from ...

in musing / science / inference / ethics on Mon 02 November 2009

True or false: "Non-publication of negative results is extraordinarily common in science...." ?

This comes from biomed world, specifically protein design, where some awesome claims---design of protein receptors to detect TNT (the explosive) among other things---have come under scrutiny. The lab involved recently retracted some other work.

The quotation above is ...